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Are you looking for new customers?
Do you have surplus inventory?
Would you like to turn your inventory or downtime into Profits?

The Solution ...Join our organization of over 50,000 Businesses 

We can save your Cash, Increase your Profits & Bottom Line

We guarantee you the opportunity to get new business and increase your cash flow

 Sell surplus merchandise at full retail price~fill down time with Barter Business. 

Use your new earned barter dollars to buy things you have been paying cash for!


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 $18,711,826.56 in Items for Sale.
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A Better Way to Barter

IBA Member
WORLD BARTER EXCHANGE is a member of the  International Barter Alliance, a   DoBarter on Line service. Your membership in WORLD BARTER EXCHANGE offers you access to goods and services from ten's of thousands of members in exchanges worldwide.
Powered by the world's best barter software. See the Light!

Modern trade and barter has developed into a sophisticated tool to help businesses increase their  effectiveness by monetizing their unused capacities and excess inventories. The worldwide organized barter exchange and trade industry has grown to an $8 billion a year industry and is used by thousands of businesses and individuals. The advent of the Internet and sophisticated relational database software programs has further advanced the barter industry's growth. Organized barter has grown throughout the world to the point now where virtually every country has a formalized barter and trade network of some kind. Complex business models based on the concept of barter are today possible since the advent of Web 2.0 technologies

Bartering benefits companies that see a mutual benefit in exchanging goods and services rather than cash, and it also enables those who are lacking hard currency to obtain goods and services.

Businesses in a barter exchange earn trade credits (instead of cash) that are deposited into their account. They then have the ability to purchase goods and services from other members utilizing their trade credits they are not obligated to purchase from who they sold to, and vice versa.  World Barter Exchange plays an important role because they provide the record-keeping, brokering expertise and monthly statements to each member


There are many reasons to use World Barter Exchange:

        Increased purchasing power

        Increased revenue

        Preserving cash

        More clients (both from the barter exchange and from cash-business referrals from barter clients)

        Better cash flow

        Greater marketing opportunities

        Improved efficiency

        Reduce overstocked inventory

        Fill voids in service schedules

        Buy items that you otherwise could not buy due to lack of cash flow

        Travel for business or pleasure securing accommodations, transportation, cruises and more with barter


World Barter Exchange has many more benefits over conventional advertising methods since they are much more proactive. Barter members call into the exchange brokerage with things they need and our brokers match those needs with other members that can fill them.   Contact 513-522-1400 or




......... Cincinnati, OH 00000
Phone 513-522-1400
Authorizations ONLY 866-334-1265
Software HELP Bobbi Vickers 931-227-HELP (4357)
DoBarter on Line is a SaaS [Software as a Service]
Barter Software designed to run your Business On-Line under your Control.
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